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Research ArticleCountry: China

Ranking Rate Control and Rhythm Control Therapies for Heart Failure Patients With Atrial Fibrillation: A Network Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

Author(s): Cong Zhang, Hongxing Luo, Yu Xu, Juntao Wang, Yanan Shi, Pengfei Zhang
doi: 10.26502/fccm.92920033

Pages: 27 - 38

Research ArticleCountry: Morocco

The Impact of COPD on Early Results After Cardiac Surgery

Author(s): Noureddine Atmani, Anis Seghrouchni, Younes Moutakiallah, Reda Mounir, Ayoub Abetti, Abdessamad Abdou, Mehdi Bamous, Fouad Nya, Siham Bellouize, Mohamed Belkhadir, Abdedaim Hatim, Abdelatif Boulahya, Mahdi Aithoussa
doi: 10.26502/fccm.92920031

Pages: 1 - 9

Research ArticleCountry: USA

Im Not Sure We Had A Choice?: Decision Quality and The Use of Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices In Older Adults With Cognitive Impairment

Author(s): Nicole R. Fowler, C. Elizabeth Shaaban, Alexia M. Torke, Kathleen A. Lane, Samir Saba, and Amber E. Barnato
doi: 10.26502/fccm.92920032

Pages: 10 - 26