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Andreas Synetos

Andreas Synetos

First Department of Cardiology 
University of Athens, Medical School
Paleo Psychico
Athens, Greece



Better Clinical Outcome For Rehospitalization Heart Failure Patients With Reduced Left Ventricular Function in Mode of Sudden Cardiac Death

Aim: The determined stage of ischemia and unknown HF in critical CVD events well-defined the higher incidence of SCD risk factors in the long-term modes of responsiveness with reduced LVEF if the idiopathic fibrillation lacking is not treated with counseling of LV remodeling in the association of rehospitalization survival rates.

Methods and results: The acute study in the time-dependent logistic evaluation of randomized decompensate HF characteristic reduce the all-cause mortality within each consecutive 180 days. Among 3000 patients of combined study on Kaplan-Meier event rates of 6.1 SCD alive [95% Confidence Interval 4.8- 8.5] and 3.2 SCD death [95% Confidence Interval 2.5 – 4.4] account 20% of SCD with hazard ratio 4.8 (2.6- 8.7). In the multivariable model of rate and rhythm control of 6-12 months per year highly affected the NYHA class II-IV 70- 78% with the P value <0.001 on wider QRS complex adjustments in overall (n= 2,427) responding to LVESV and LVEDV median to the follow-up of 85% females predicted improvement by LV reverse remodeling.

Conclusion: The identified relative risk in the comparison of controlling and preventions make the proportion of VT/VF death cause noted every 30 days denying the significance of obvious beneficial proof when implantation alternatively select LV remodeling in standard parameters.


Hassah Batool Iftikhar, Jiang Hong

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